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Air Pegasus, 30 years experience flying hot-air balloon

Individuals ou groups flight, dinner on board, management of commercial balloons and organization of advertising campaigns using hot-air balloon or airship, organization of balloons airshows, toursitic and sportive adventures, Fireworks, from hot-air balloon, Involvment in films for cinema Located in the south-west of Paris (between Rambouillet and Chartres), our activity “Surroundings of Paris” is now available everywhere in France as well as overseas.

Air Pégasus is an Air Operator’s Certificate holder

Discover our take-off bases around the Loire, our ballooning services and contact us to achieve or offer your loved ones a memorable hot-air balloon flight. You can also buy your flight ticket online into our shop.

More about balloons and hot-air balloons

Invented late 18th century, the hot-air balloon is a type of balloon operated with hot air and having a long and rich history. If different flying techniques exist (mainly the captive flight and free flight), the ballooning relies on a functioning and physical principles which should be controlled before a hot-air balloon trip .