02 37 31 01 96 - Réservez votre vol en mongolfiere autour de Paris

Air Pegasus Balloons, 30 years experience flying hot-air balloons

  • Individuals ou groups flight,
  • Management of commercial balloons and organization of advertising campaigns using hot-air balloon or airship,
  • Organization of balloons airshows, toursitic and sportive adventures,
  • Fireworks, from haot-air balloon,
  • Involvment in films for cinema

Located in the south-west of Paris (between Rambouillet and Chartres), our activity”Surroundings of Paris” is now available everywhere in France as well as overseas.


A selection of new balloons with the last one : Pégase XII which is with its 34 m height and its 12000 m3 of hot air, one of the largest aerostatic engine currently in service in Europe. This balloon can take 24 passengers for a flight or 16 pasasgers for a dinner.

More than 5000 passengers jumped in our baskets in 2006.

28 advertising campaigns using hot-air balloon in Europe.

Despite all these experiments in the world of hot-air balloon the team managed by Frederic Ragot always keep same enthusiasm, and wishes to share her passion of ballooning. For us, each flight must remain a true pleasure for our passengers.

We invite our passengers to make comments if they wish…