02 37 31 01 96 - Réservez votre vol en mongolfiere autour de Paris


HERE ARE THE SIMPLIFIED APPROACHES TO WELCOME YOU: Please bring your protective masks (provide 2 masks if possible)

  • Go directly to the take-off site
  • An outside reception on the flight zone for information relating to safety instructions
  • Provision of hydroalcoholic solution:
  • When you arrive at the take-off site,
  • When boarding the basket,
  • Before the glass of champagne on landing,
  • Before getting into the return vehicles.

Why choose Air Pegasus ?

  • Air Pegasus has 35 years of experience in Aerostation behind it.
  • With Air Pegasus you ensure your safety. The company holds as air carrier certificate approved by the DGAC
  • You have the possibility to leave from different take-off bases for your balloon flight a few kilometers from Paris : The castle of Maintenon, Domaine de Villeray, the castle of la Verrerie and the Moulin XII.
  • You have the possibility to book your tickets for your hot air balloon flights online in the shop section
  • The primary goal of Air Pegasus is to share with you its passion for Aerostation while keeping its legendary enthusiasm
  • Several hot-air balloon flight services in the Paris region are available for all snesations.
  • Air Pegasus is also the manager of a maintenance and airworthiness management workshop for hot air balloons approved by the authorities under the number FR.CAO.0062. This allows maintenance and safety of our hot air balloons as well as private hot air balloons and other professionals entrusted to us.

When can we fly in a hot air balloon ?

To fly in a balloon in good conditions, thee hot-air balloon can only be practiced with a maximum wind of 18 km/h, without precipitation or turbulence.

The best times for a hot air balloon flight in the Paris region are early in the morning (at sunrise) and at the end of the day (2 to 3 hours before sunset).

Why only at sunrise and before sunset ?

Onsolation and warming of the ground create thmerla instability, cause changes in direction and random wind speed, it is for this reason that hot air balloons fly early in the morning and late in the evening when the air mass is stable and that on the other hand gliders fly during the day, which use these vertical movements.

Morning flights are often the most beautiful, the light and mist allow photography enthusiasts to take pretty pictures.

Take-off times vary seasonally. Metting hours before take off are 15 minutes for the morning flight and 30 minutes for the evening flight

Flight confirmation is taken on the day of the flight, at noon for the evening flight of the day before at the end of the day for the flight the following morning.

You can watch on XCWeather for our weaher forecast

If the forestcast is uncertain, we phone the forecaster oa Orly Airport to give us the detailed conditions. (flight schedule below).

Flight tickets are valid for two years.

Under what conditions can we fly in a hot air balloon ?

Physical condition : no medical contraindication (in case of doubt, you can ask your doctor). We do not take future mothers on board, for safety.

Dress code : We advise you to bring a sweater or jacket for the landing and flat shoes (waterproof shoes preferably in the morning, the grass is wet). Temperature are similar in flight as on the ground. During the summer, for those who are afraid of being embarassed by the heat from the burner, a cap or hat can protect. You can take a camera, binoculars or a GoPro with their case for storage when you land.

There is no feeling of cold during the balloon flight, the hot air balloon moves in the wind so no cooling. The temperature drops one degree for 150cm.

How long does the hot air balloon flight take ?

On your arrival, each pilot invites his passengers to follow him to his ballon. He invites you to participate in the preparations and the inflation of the hot air balloon (those who obviously wish).

Before take off, the pilot gives you the necessary instructions : safety instructions, and he can answer your questions.

The time of the hot air balloon flight, Paris and its Paris region, lasts between 1h and 1h15. You are invited 30 to 15 minutes before take-off for an evening flight and 15 to 30 minutes for th morning flight.

When the pilot has chosen his landing fiels, he will remind you how to position yourself in the basket.

On landing, you can help the team put away the equipment and enjoy a glass of champagne and orange juice with the delivery of the baptismal certificate by the pilot. The total service from arrival at the departure base to the return to the departure base lasts 3 hours on average.

How do you get back to the flight base after the hot air balloon flight ?

The landing pas is not the same as the takeoff pad. The balloon follows the wind and cannot go upwind. Air Pegasus returns you to the flight base after you land with company vehicles.

Do you get dizzy in a hot air balloon ?

No, we don’t feel the sensation of vertigo because we are not connected to the ground. You cant get dizzy at the top of a ladder, at the edge of a balcony, on a bridge but not in a basket ! It takes a physical connection to the ground and in a hot air balloon you fly freely, when you take off, you admire the scenery and you fully enjoy the flight.

Can we be accompanied ?

It is possible to be accompanied. They can help you prepare for the flight and then take off. They can then follow you in their own vehicle and meet you at the landing base.

How to get to the flight base ?

By car : rue Gaston Rogemont – 28130 Maintenon (Maingournois) Coordonnées GPS : 48.577394, 1.585421

By train : Gare de Maintenon (de la gare PARIS MONTPARNASSE).

Can children fly in a hot air balloon ?

The hot air balloon flight is a magical moment for children. There is no minimum age, but a minimum height of 1.10 meters, around 5 years old. The sound of the burner can impress the child, it is possible to watch videos on our site or on youtube, so that he will not be surprised when he comes to fly. You will find in the shop section a preferential rate for children under 12 yers old.


Each passengerbrings their mask. Air Pegasus provides masks in case of forgetting the hydroalcoholic gel.