Advertising hot-air balloon

Make a lasting impression with an advertising hot air balloon, an original and impactful marketing tool to convey your brand. Imagine floating in the air with a breathtaking panoramic view, while being surrounded by massive advertising. An advertisement that is visible for miles around and attracts the attention of everyone who sees it. It is also possible to connect the balloon to the ground with ropes for captive flights and thus introduce many passengers to ballooning. The advertising balloon is therefore perfect for events such as festivals, trade fairs or sports events. As far as personalisation is concerned, everything is possible. The envelope of the balloon can be decorated with your logo, your advertising message or even your products and services. You can also choose the colours to match the image of your company or your event. The service is available on quotation according to your needs.

Hot air balloon rental for advertising purposes


The service

Do you want to make an impression at an event or simply convey your brand image in an original way? Renting an advertising balloon is the ideal tool. You can personalise the whole balloon: logo, visual, products, colours, we make the envelope of the balloon according to your wishes.

Once the model is defined, we move to the site and carry out free flights or captive flights according to your wishes. The balloon is visible from miles away and gives you a high visibility. The advertising balloon is also an ecological way to advertise, using the force of nature to propel your message in the air. This creates a positive image of your company.

As you can see, hot air ballooning is a way to mix business with pleasure and to give your brand a high visibility during professional events. Our services are tailor-made, talk to us about your project, we will be happy to assist you.

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