Hot air balloon rental for professionals

You want to make a film, an advertisement, a video shoot or a photo shoot with a hot air balloon? Everything is possible, we offer balloon rental in France and abroad. We regularly work with professionals for filming or photo shooting. It is in this context, for example, that we have collaborated with prestigious brands such as Louis Vuitton, Timberland, Lexus or the magazine Apollo. Without knowing it, you have probably also seen one of our hot-air balloons in the film “Qu’est ce qu’on a tous au bon dieu”. Captivating projects, tailor-made to your needs.

Hot air balloon rental for your professional events


The service

Renting a hot air balloon is a real asset for your filming. Whether it’s for video or photo shoots, we can adapt to your projects. We offer different hot air balloons for rent and we make customised hot air balloons. You will have understood, everything is possible according to your needs and desires.

How to rent a hot air balloon ? It is very simple. After presenting us your project, we agree together on the course of the service on the spot as well as its duration. We will explain all the details to you beforehand, which, rest assured, are very simple. On the D-day, a team of experts comes to install all the ropes and we position the balloon according to what has been agreed beforehand on the spot. Once the preparations are finalized, we proceed to the inflation of the balloon, and we accompany you during the whole service.

It is also possible to create a balloon in the colours of your brand or simply of your desires.

Conditions to rent a hot-air balloon

To rent a hot air balloon, you have to respect some conditions, namely

– You must have a clear area of at least 50 meters by 50 meters

– To have the authorization of the owner of the ground

– Generate an insurance certificate for the event (by requesting it from your insurer)

– Provide us with a map of the area and the location of the site

– And finally, concerning the regulations, if you do not call on the public through the press for your event, you are not subject to any declaration.

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