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Services : Flight, Dinner on board, Captive flight, Fireworks from hot-air balloon, Communication.

Hot air balloon flight

The most current manner to discover the feelings of a balloon flight, is to fly on board…
First flight ticket, Groups flight (companies, families), Flight couples or small group exclusivity, Package with catering and hotel

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Hot air balloon dinner on board

For an unforgettable moment, Air-Pegasus offers you the possibility to have a full course dinner sitting on board during a flight over the countryside with sunset…
Loving dinner in couple, Dinner in group up to 16 persons, Package dinner in board and night in a luxury hotel, Option breakfast in board, Diner à bord avec coucher de soleil

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Hot air balloon captive flight

CAPTIF MONTGOLFIERE 1 ECURIES DE LA VOISEThe balloon remains retained on ground by 50 meters long ropes, which enables it to rise in the airs and land at the same point.
Many passengers, Animation during a weeding or any event, No schedule constraint.

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Fireworks from hot-air balloon

Feux d'artifices de montgolfiere MaintenonFor weddings or a special event, a fireworks from a hot-air balloon is feeric.

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Hot air balloon communication

CAPTIF MONTGOLFIERE TRELLEBORG VOVES 1– Hot air ballon advertising : For an advertising campaign, a hot-air balloon is an original way of communicating.
– Hot air ballon events : We can organize gatherings of hot-air balloons for special events like festivals.

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