Fireworks from hot air balloon


The balloon remains retained on ground by 50 meters long ropes, which enables it to rise in the airs and land at the same point. As soon as the signal is given, artifices fixed at the nacelle are fired while the burner illuminates the balloon.

The video opposite gives you an idea of fires we fired at the Esclimont Castle.

The service

  • We arrive at the meeting point before the beginning of the service in order to install the ropes and position the hot-air ballon.
  • You see the preparation and the infaltion of the hot-air balloon.
  • The duration of the fireworks depends on your budget…


Firing a fireworks from a hot-air balloon requires same conditions as the one for a captive flight : wind speed of less than 16 km/h (10 nds) and no precipitations.
In case of bad conditions, we will propose you to fire the fireworks from the ground.

When ?

  • Season: all year round!
  • Schedules: according to your needs, in the evening.

Few advices

  • Site : It is necessary to have an area of 50 meters out of 50 meters minimum.


Contact us for rates.