Hot air balloon flights


The most current manner to discover the feelings of a balloon flight, is to fly on board …

The service

  • The day before your flight, we confirm schedule for the appointment. In case of bad weather conditions, we propose to you to defer to another date of your choice.
  • We give you appointment on one of our bases for take-off. If some of tour friends or relatives wish to view your takeoff and landing, they are welcome; it will be for them the occasion to follow the balloon from the ground while trying to find the best way through small roads they would never have taken in normal time!
  • You see the preparation and the infaltion of the hot-air balloon
  • You jump on board and let’s go for one hour flight without any noise (except the burner noise intermittently)
  • Without you realzise you’ve been on board for one hour, it is time to land and the pilot is now looking for an accessible road (we avoid landing in the middle of the fields)
  • You land and depending on the wind, the landing is more or less chahuté!
  • The team-members on ground and your friends who followed (if they were not lost on the way) join you. The team begin to pack the material while you drink a cup of champagne in order to celebrate your flight.
  • We give you flight certificates.
  • Everyone goes back by car to the take-off base …


Hot-air ballon can take-off only when wind speed of less than 16 km/h (10 nds) and without precipitations or turbulences. Even if these conditions can appear very constraining, opportunities to flight are numerous all the year !

When ?

  • Season : all year round!
  • Schedules :

in the early morning (Appointment 1h after sun rise)

in the evening (Appointment 3h before sunset)

(takeoff takes place approximately 45 minutes after the appointment hour indicated above. Exact schedule will be confirmed by phone.)

Few advices

  • Physical condition : There is no age limitation to fly hot-air balloon! Some time ago, we operate a flight with three friends adding up 275 years… but it was one day of very weak wind. Moreover, you will not feel the giddiness as opposed to what one can think.
  • Clothes : Since we do not climb to more than 2000 meters, the difference in temperature with ground level is tiny. On the other hand, it is advised to take a sweat-shirt with fallen the night, as the atmosphere refreshed in the middle of the fields!
  • What else : A camera to take some pictures for souvenir !


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